Monday, 29 January 2018

Meet Our Members Feature - Jules of Water Street Apothecary

The best way to introduce the lovely Jules is to let her speak for herself!

"Hi! My name is Jules and I am the creator of Water Street Apothecary. Water Street started in Canada, in a sleepy seaside town called St Andrews (Look it up its beautiful!).
At the time I was working as a chef in a hotel there. The long hours were hard on my body, so I turned to essential oils for natural relief for my aches and pains... and hangovers!

The business developed from there, the street I lived on was called Water Street and I wanted the products to have medicinal and aromatherapy properties, so it became an Apothecary. Slowly after months of friends using and loving my products I started to supply local shops and attend craft markets.
Last year I made the hard decision to move back home, to Cornwall, due to missing my family so much, and I brought Water Street with me. Since being home, Water Street now has almost 60 products, all of which I strive to use ingredients purchased in the South West.
We have Essential Oils from Devon, Beeswax from Somerset, & Olive Oil from Cornwall’s own ‘Cornish Olive Stall’. My proudest moments are when people tell me my products have genuinely had a positive impact on their lives, that and the fact that me mum loves my products!
Keep an eye out for the product names as they are usually named after mine and my families favourite rock songs."


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