Monday, 29 January 2018

Meet Our Members Feature - Jules of Water Street Apothecary

The best way to introduce the lovely Jules is to let her speak for herself!

"Hi! My name is Jules and I am the creator of Water Street Apothecary. Water Street started in Canada, in a sleepy seaside town called St Andrews (Look it up its beautiful!).
At the time I was working as a chef in a hotel there. The long hours were hard on my body, so I turned to essential oils for natural relief for my aches and pains... and hangovers!

The business developed from there, the street I lived on was called Water Street and I wanted the products to have medicinal and aromatherapy properties, so it became an Apothecary. Slowly after months of friends using and loving my products I started to supply local shops and attend craft markets.
Last year I made the hard decision to move back home, to Cornwall, due to missing my family so much, and I brought Water Street with me. Since being home, Water Street now has almost 60 products, all of which I strive to use ingredients purchased in the South West.
We have Essential Oils from Devon, Beeswax from Somerset, & Olive Oil from Cornwall’s own ‘Cornish Olive Stall’. My proudest moments are when people tell me my products have genuinely had a positive impact on their lives, that and the fact that me mum loves my products!
Keep an eye out for the product names as they are usually named after mine and my families favourite rock songs."


Friday, 19 January 2018

Meet Our Members Feature - Dorothy Oliver Folk Art

Dorothy Oliver – Daisy Dot Folk Art

Dorothy has been painting in Folk Art style since 1996, when she went to a class on Decorative Painting run by a Local Authority and got hooked.
At that time, Decorative Painting was the new “in“ Craft, world wide. and there was a lot of influence from Australia and the USA, who in turn drew from many European sources, brought into their countries by those coming to start a new life in a new land.
Over the years, Dot attended many classes in different traditions and learned a great deal, quickly tiring of painting other people’s designs and developing her own style.
Mainly influenced by our native Canal or Barge Art, and by One Stroke painting developed by Donna Dewberry, Dot's work now is all painted freehand, to her own designs. She uses water based enamel paint on her metalware (very hardwearing and very difficult to chip!) and acrylic paint on other items. These are then coated with a clear varnish , which brings out the colours.
All Dot's work can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a little washing up liquid if needed.

More of her original designs can be seen on Facebook – Click here > Daisy Dot Folk Art .
Daisy Dot is a very popular regular at all the Mirva Gallery Collective's Popup Penzance events ( next one runs from 6th to 26th May 2018), and at selected Craft Fairs throughout the year.
Dot will also arrange purchase from her home by appointment – contact via Mirva Gallery or Daisy Dot Folk Art Facebook page if there is something you like!

Monday, 15 January 2018

Meet Our Members Feature - Angela Truman Feltmaker

Angie is co-director of the Mirva Gallery Collective and a driving force behind many of the ideas and exhibitions that our members offer.
We asked Angie to describe herself and process, and she says this:
"I am a maker.
I have been occupied by creating with my hands since I was a young child.
I found, then and still to this day, high value in the focus, patience, and dexterous control involved in manipulating physical materials.
Ever since my mother taught me to knit at a young age, I have loved working with wool. Still an avid knitter today and admirer of all things "wool", I began to look deeper into the wonders of this wonderful natural product. In 2009, an unexpected wave of redundancies in the company where I was employed gave me the opportunity to spend time with my children. a friend offered me some sheep fleeces and after I worked out how to process them, I began to look at ways to put them to use. Wet felting has become my daily passion. I continue to study various types of sheep's wool and the wonderful fiber that these varieties produce.
Felting is also a fabulous contemporary art form that has many practical and modern applications. Whilst it is quite simple to learn, mastering the medium can become a wonderful journey. I obsess about new techniques and processes. Felt continues to inspire me with its duality, both its simplicity and its complexity. It is this amazing alchemical process and is also this beautiful simple combining of material.
For me it is creative, vibrant, fun, and challenging. It is a very simple process, yet its applications can be as complex as I desire.
I gain inspiration first and foremost from all of my experiences in life, inspiration from the beautiful rural setting I live in and the natural world that surrounds me. I love shape and form and texture. My inspiration comes from the collaboration of many elements: raw organic materials, historic process and the natural world. It is my passion to take the ancient art form of feltmaking and blend it with a modern aesthetic to create textiles that straddle the boundary between art and craftsmanship.

It is wonderful to be able to now pass this skill on through my teaching and workshops. I enjoy encouraging others to explore their individual creativity. I am convinced that we all are incredibly artistic and creative-we just need self belief and practice. I am also interested in the possibility of simplifying the process and using alternative equipment to make the process more accessible, such as foot rolling, using a sander or a tumble dryer for example.
My current interests are to further explore the contrast between the lightness of the muslin I use as a scarf base, and the deeper, heavier texture of the wool I felt into it. I am currently planning a series of panels which use this attribute in such a way that the finished panel can be hung over a window to create almost a stained glass effect. I love to take a medium which is often thought of as indelicate and stiff, and produce delicate pieces which play with the light."

Angie's beautiful work is sold through the Mirva Gallery in St Ives, open year-round and also at numerous events across Cornwall. She also offers a selection of popular workshops with the Mirva Collective sharing her passion for felt making and inspiring others to create in new ways.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Meet Our Members Feature - Rebecca English

Rebecca English - Ceramic Artist

Mirva member Rebecca is a potter living in Penwith, Cornwall and is deeply inspired by Cornwall's wild scenery in her work.
Rebecca studied art at Portsmouth then moved to Ireland where she painted extensively.
After the birth of her daughter,she moved to Cornwall and fell in love with clay, attending classes at Penwith art school,learning and exploring different techniques and discovering her own styles for creating with clay and never looked back!
Rebecca now works from her home studio which she built up herself. Her work is mostly wheel-thrown and her delicate style often favours a sgraffitio method, which involves etching designs into the clay.

Mirva Workshops this February!
Rebecca is running a Clay Day and Potter's Wheel workshop on Tuesday 20th Feb.
Due to popularity, she will be offering it twice, from 10.30am to 1pm and again at 2pm to 4.30pm.
Spaces are limited for the best possible experience all round, so grab your slot now for whichever session-time suits you best!
£35 per person-booking can be made via paypal to rebeccaenglish2[at]

Your creations will be fired for you to collect at a later date at no extra cost!

Rebecca will be demonstrating sgraffito along with other techniques at her workshop and you will also have the opportunity to have a go on the potters wheel, with guidance producing a pot or bowl which you can decorate and leave for firing to be collected at a later date.
You will also learn the basis of different hand-building techniques such as coiling and slabbing.
Rebecca says this day will be a fun, exciting experience! Time to bring out your inner child and remember what it's like to play with clay!

Workshops Listings For This February

Full menu of offerings for Mirva Workshop Week-this is going to be such fun!

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Basic Photography Workshop at Penzance Pop-Up Shop this February

If you have been using you camera permanently on 'auto' or trying out settings with mixed results this is the workshop for you! Learn how to create blurred backgrounds in your portrait and close-up shots to make your subject stand out,how to take detailed landscape shots by shooting in aperture priority. Find out how shutter speed affects your image and how to avoid camera shake. Gain tips on composition and adding interest to your images. This workshop is aimed at beginners and anyone who wants to get their camera off auto setting! Handout notes will be included to take home. £55 per person.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Keep Out The Winter Chills!

Keep out the winter chills! Cosy wristwarmer gloves are still available in lots of fab colourways! CLICK HERE

Available from Sujati Designs, proud member of the Mirva Gallery Collective .